Country: Bahamas
Currency: Dollar (BSD)
Peak Season: December-April
Shoulder Season: May, October-November
Median Temperature: 24.80 C / 76.64 F
Main Languages: English
Primary Modes of Transportation: Jitney bus, taxi, car rental, boat
Recommended Duration of Stay: 4 days
Recommended Pocket Money: $150.00/day
Tourist Passes: n/a
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Nassau is a popular cruise destination, and rightfully soóthe capital of the Bahamas is just brimming with eclectic dining spots and some of the best beaches in the world. The island is more popular for its more tamed nightlife scene and cozy tropical climate, which is perfect for lovers and families. Providence Island, which hosts the city, has the Straits of Florida to the west and Cuba to the south. The island owes its great diplomatic ties to British colonial rule, which ceded in the 1950ís, but still has managed to make the island a haven for commercial and off-shore trading. The island has a confluence of various races comprised of mostly whites and blacks. The island still faces drug-trafficking and illegal immigration problems stemming from its proximity to Cuba.

Tourism is a major contributor to the countryís high GDP, which has also led to it being left out on a few vital industries, including education and residential planning; given the volatile state of the US economy, which it is dependent on, the future of Nassau remains at a standstill. But despite all the uncertainty, the island still enjoys plenty of patrons, concentrated downtown and in Cable Beachóboth being near wharves and ship docks. These are also the safest areas due to stringent security enforced by the government and partly due to the high degree of maintenance of land owners.

Packing List

  • Local currency for local merchandise and credit cards for fine dining services; just to be safe, donít bring too much money with you and leave your valuables at the hotel room when going out on the streets
  • Sunscreen, mosquito repellants, tank-tops and tennis shorts for the beaches; donít bring skimpy bikinis if you donít want to be catcalled by the locals, theyíre known to be very fresh with women
  • Casual clothing, beachwear and evening attire for boat cruises and classy restaurants; if socialization is your main purpose of going here, a word of caution: Nassauís restaurants have strict dress codes
  • A decent, waterproof camera, plenty of film and batteries and snorkeling gear are highly advisable for reef explorations; the diversity of marine life is surprisingly high, as are scuba and snorkeling trips
  • Essential medication and toiletries; due to Nassauís being a tourist destination, everything is sold at a premiumóeven OTC drugs and bread, so save some money and pack important consumables

Things to Do

  • Visiting the Ardastra Gardens and its vast tropical avian species, particularly the marching flamingoes, parrots and peacocks; the kids will enjoy the ambiance, and itís a only a bus ride away from Cable Beach
  • Recapturing buccaneer adventures at the Pirates of Nassau, a museum wholly dedicated to enlightening tourists about the Golden Age of Piracy in Nassau; it was in the city where Blackbeard gained notoriety
  • Enjoying the beautiful shores of Cable Beach, which has a suite of five-star accommodations at the beachfront; donít mind the noisy beach vendors, just enjoy the setting sun and the Atlantic
  • Partaking in the Bahama Booze Cruise, offering a wide variety of cocktails and Bahamian music to set the tuneóthereís also a limbo contest; usual stops include reefs snorkeling and a view of the Sea Gardens
  • Enjoying ďtrueĒ Bahamas at Blue Lagoon Island; although itís not part of the mainland, it receives a high volume of tourists due to its unperturbed white sandy beaches and resident dolphins and sea lions


  • Talk to shady people or go to shady areas for that matter; felons have the modus operandi of harassing tourists at gunpoint, so donít linger too far from the tourist-y areas and donít strap on expensive jewelry
  • Start a fight against the Bahamian men or women, or flirt with them unless you mean it; locals are known to be aggressive and wonít hesitate to assail you because they donít mind the police that much
  • Visit the city expecting youíll get lots of ďfreeĒ attractions other than the beach; Nassau is mostly about paid leisureóbring a credit card and some extra cash for cost contingencies underway
  • Brandish your wealth and talk to everyone you see, unless they appear to be safe; should you have a posse of muscle-bound friends to back you up, lay back a little and display much respect and caution
  • Dress appropriately, since appearance is highly regarded in social venues; donít go nude at beaches and donít commit any wacky antics that may land you in jail (yes, the police are very hot on tourists)