Country: United States
Currency: Dollar (USD)
Peak Season: January-April
Shoulder Season: July-August, October-December
Median Temperature: 24.00 C / 75.2 F
Main Languages: English, Spanish
Primary Modes of Transportation: Train, metro, bus, taxi
Recommended Duration of Stay: 5 days
Recommended Pocket Money: $150.00/day
Tourist Passes: Go Miami Card, Miami Beach 411
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Miami is teeming with fun and energy. It’s one of the best tourist destinations in the United States if you intend to fancy Mediterranean cuisine, summer couture, cultural museums and art galleries, enjoy the sandy beaches, or if you’re just looking for a place to party all night long. Dubbed as the “Cruise Capital of the World,” there’s no denying that the rich and powerful enjoy themselves in this illustriously diverse city. And, despite the housing crisis caused by the recent recession – leaving many realtors bankrupt, tourists and entrepreneurs sure are setting their sights on downtown and nearby districts; now they’re opening up shop after shop of new and exciting entertainment and commercial hubs thanks to low rent, faithfully igniting the 21st century luster of the city. The interest has shifted from South Beach to Downtown – this likely spells both the fateful end and a new beginning for Miami.

For partygoers going to nightclubs in either Downtown or South Beach, crowds start lining up at midnight, so it’s better if you reserve seats in advance if possible; more importantly, don’t come earlier than midnight, or you’ll end up looking like giddy schmuck begging for alcohol and socialization. Dress snappy to get noticed while tablehopping and meeting new acquaintances. There are 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and contemporary bars at your disposal if you ever feel the theme isn’t meant for you. For smooth-sailing Latino music aficionados, Overtown offers sultry reggae and salsa music. For upbeat and modern music plus the turntable scratching, look nowhere else than Little Havana. Get insider information on upcoming gigs inside nightclubs whenever possible.

Packing List

  • Casual, seasonal clothing (though for most of the year, except for December to February, you’ll be forced to wear light dresses); bring a cardigan or jacket for air-conditioned venues like restaurants
  • A cap (a fedora is stylish and practical), sunglasses, sunblock (high SPF, it has no adverse effect), flip-flops and a compact umbrella to counter the heat; the locals themselves can’t bear the sun
  • Swimsuits and suntan if you’re planning to hit the beaches; like Hawaii, Miami is a great surf spot, so if you can afford to bring the extra surfboards, snorkeling gear, tug them along on your SUV
  • Essential medication and toiletries; remember to pack medication for acid refluxes and dehydration brought about by all the late-night partying; zip-locking sandwiches and fruits is advisable as well
  • A decent camera, plenty of memory/film and batteries; gadgets and accessories are advisable, but don’t bring your best ones to bars and bistros, especially in the shady neighborhoods

Things to Do

  • Witnessing the reptiles, birds, mammals, and insects that linger exclusively within the swamp and prairie of the Everglades; these wetlands are famous for docile alligators and ferocious crocodiles
  • Visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, employing Venetian Renaissance architecture, situated along the Biscayne Bay; it is reminiscent of Miami’s then-booming harvest industry
  • Enjoying the open-air marketplace, bistros and bands at the Bayside Marketplace; nearly fifteen million enthused tourists and locals visit annually for shopping and fishing charters
  • Seeing a habitat of wild animals at Zoo Miami, all cozy in the tropical setting; the zoo is the first and largest in the state, spread across 740 acres, with its resident animals coming from four continents
  • Immersing yourself in crowd-filled Ocean Drive at South Beach; the South Beach neighborhood is made popular by its nightlife circuits, oceanfront hotels and of course, its white sandy shores


  • Linger too far into the shady areas of the city; Miami is generally great, but some parts of the county have been impoverished to an extent perpetrators have made their way to the more decent suburbs
  • Assist strangers at their airport or terminal with their “luggage,” as the contents of it might be illegal drugs/narcotics; ignore requests from dubious (and even friendly-looking) people
  • Forget to apply sunblock when going outdoors and sunscreen when hitting the beach; the SPF content of both should be high to prevent any nasty-looking sunburn from ruining your evenings
  • Party too much and overdo the alcohol—you’re likely to break some laws; police are keen on tourist-perpetrated infractions and fights that are likely to put you in the cellar
  • Rent a car and drive it around town like nothing’s going to happen; public transport is still your safest bet against paying heavy dues for having a vehicle vandalized (or worse, stolen)