Country: United States
Currency: Dollar (USD)
Peak Season: May-July
Shoulder Season: March-April, September-October
Median Temperature: 16.60 C / 61.88 F
Main Languages: English, Spanish
Primary Modes of Transportation: Metro, bus, shuttle, taxi
Recommended Duration of Stay: 5 days
Recommended Pocket Money: $200.00/day
Tourist Passes: Go Los Angeles Card
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Welcome to Los Angeles (or LA, as almost everyone calls it)—the world’s glitziest city. There’s no doubt LA is far more popular than its near and distant neighbors due to it being the center of celebrity lifestyle, creative talent and a myriad of attractions and revelry that drive tourists crazy. LA (and California itself) were once a part of Mexico, but has since been part of the US since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The presence of the Hispanic, Asian and African-American grew immensely over the decades, making the city more cosmopolitan than ever.

Los Angeles pride itself with an eclectic selection Mediterreanean beaches. With more than twenty shorelines, anyone will have a hard time making up their minds. The best beaches in LA are not defined by the number of beachgoers, but rather, how they meet your expectations. There’s no denying Venice Beach, Zuma Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance Beach, Cabrillo Beach, and Manhattan beach are some of your safest bets for walking, romantic dining, summer sports, or just for seclusion. Surfers, we know that your biggest satisfaction comes from the biggest waves – Malibu Lagoon, Zuma Beach, and Manhattan Beach are ideal surf spots.

Packing List

  • Light, cottony clothing and some layers for chilly early mornings and evenings; t-shirts and cargo shorts make a breathable combination, and those sunglasses and caps are easily available
  • Snazzy wardrobes for ladies and “hip” and “sporty” clothing for men; the city isn’t as fashion-conscious as New York, but the creativity LA is known is apparent in its many clothing outlets
  • Beachwear, camping gear and any other equipment to brace the wild; known for its glitz and glamour, LA is also best visited for its great hiking trails and canyon loops
  • A decent camera and your favorite electronic gadgets and accessories; LA is a technology hub and people like showing off their “bling,” “swag,” and anything that can make a statement
  • Essential medication, toiletries and accompanying ID’s (for liquor); you may want to pack light on these, since pharmacies, groceries and convenience stores sell almost everything

Things to Do

  • Visiting either Universal Studios Hollywood or Six Flags, two of the most popular (among many) theme parks in the state; the former is kid-friendly while the latter is has more exhilarating rides
  • Witnessing the eclectic pieces of America’s former oil industry mogul at the J. Paul Getty Museum; the collections are mainly ancient art—particularly Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Western works
  • Gazing upon heavenly bodies at the Griffith Observatory; other than super refractive telescopes, the observatory is also known for its exhibit halls, planetarium and camping at the surrounding park
  • Chilling out at Sunset Strip’s entertainment circuits; the place is quite famous for being a celebrity crib, having comedy club and stage appearances by Hollywood’s top-billed performers
  • Catching a performance at the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater, distinct for its band shell; it has been (and continues) to be a venue for performances ranging from symphonies to rock and roll concerts


  • Go to overly crowded attractions, such as Hollywood, Disneyland, Venice Beach and Santa Monica; plenty of underrated venues in Los Angeles are worth the hassle and cost less
  • Go to shady areas and places where gangs proliferate, as the possibility of mere pranks to assaults are high; do your assignment on gangs, their insignia and their hangouts
  • Take sightseeing buses, they’re not as fun as depicted on TV; you could rebut us otherwise, but then again, why not venture on a bicycle or get lost and found via unrestricted public transport
  • Eat at snazzy restaurants; plenty of Angeleños (and even actors/actresses) prefer local burger joints, steak houses, pizza parlors and taco bars over the those upbeat venues
  • Defer your dream of becoming an actor/actress; dedicate a day scouring for walk-in Hollywood auditions just for the fun of it, or get scheduled to become part of a live studio audience