Country: Jamaica
Currency: Dollar (JMD)
Peak Season: November-March
Shoulder Season: April-December
Median Temperature: 30.00 C / 86 F
Main Languages: English, Creole
Primary Modes of Transportation: Taxi, buses, rent a car
Recommended Duration of Stay: 2 days
Recommended Pocket Money: $120.00/day
Tourist Passes: n/a
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Set on the south-east coast of Jamaica, Kingston was founded in the 1690s after an earthquake destroyed the pirate haven of Port Royal.

Now you can visit Port Royal and view the devastating damage to all the island structures caused by the earthquake. In the west of the city, lays Spanish Town, the old capital of Jamaica, where you can see the remaining buildings that include St. Jamesí Cathedral and the Old Kings House. In the old waterfront area of the city, you can now visit a redeveloped modern town full of spacious commercial areas with wide boulevards and open spaces.

Perhaps the most famous attraction in the waterfront is the Bob Marley museum, in his former home on Hope road. Kingston is a very joyous city, were the sound of reggae fills the air.

Packing List

  • All needed medications and toiletries. Donít forget to bring lots of sunscreen
  • Casual clothing, beachwear and evening apparelóall three are equally important; being mostly warm year-round, itís advisable to bring layers instead of jackets, and cotton-made instead of polyester
  • Credit cards and local currency for cost contingencies.

Things to Do

  • Dropping by Port Royal, Bob Marley Museum, and Devon House.
  • Visiting all the museums and take in the beautiful culture of the Jamaican people
  • Partaking in the local pastimes by local communities; cricket is very popular with the locals


  • Profess your homosexuality in public; the crime levels committed against homosexuals is extremely high in this country
  • Bring the wrong type of attention to yourself; Kingston has a reputation for crime; but otherwise the people are generally friendly
  • Carry around your original documents rather, make a copy of your passport and leave the original at a safety deposit box in the hotel.