Country: Cayman Islands
Currency: Dollar (KYD)
Peak Season: November-May
Shoulder Season: June-October
Median Temperature: 27.60 C / 81.68 F
Main Languages: English
Primary Modes of Transportation: Bus, car rental
Recommended Duration of Stay: 4 days
Recommended Pocket Money: $90.00/day
Tourist Passes: n/a
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The financial loopholes the locals seem to enjoy in the Cayman Islands are only part of the story on why they’re extremely popular with the international crowd. First off, they’re located in the most eclectic summer spot in the world—the Caribbean; second, the breathtaking views of the Atlantic, pristine beaches, one-of-a-kind flora and fauna, plus its ideal location near South America—particularly the Honduras and Cuba—always make the island nation an amenable place to go to, even if it isn’t originally part of your itinerary. Given that the islands are overseen by the British government—which we can’t deny are very good with their colonies—endow upon the Cayman Islands financial and territorial security other islands don’t have; might we add that violent crime is virtually inexistent due to competent law enforcement. And, despite the laid-back atmosphere, there’s actually a veil of offshore financial services that cater to the rich and powerful. As an average tourist, you won’t have to spend too much on hotels and restaurant since investor and taxpayer wealth subsidizes the islands’ economy.

The islands have long had their history of being ravaged by hurricanes (which are strong this side of the world) during latter parts of the year, so it’s ideal to get ahead of schedule should wish to have a sunny visit. Grand Cayman (the largest of the three islands), contains majority of the island’s inhabitants, entertainment/financial facilities, and not to mention the best natural sceneries. However, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac have their own lovely idiosyncrasies and are easily reachable via private boats; unfortunately, there’s no ferry service. If you’re a huge fan of seafood, there’s no stopping your taste buds from tasting scrumptious crustaceans and fish fresh off the bay.

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