Country: Mexico
Currency: Peso (MXN)
Peak Season: December-March
Shoulder Season: July-August
Median Temperature: 30.00 C / 86 F
Main Languages: Spanish, English
Primary Modes of Transportation: Bus, motorcycle, boat, bicycle, taxi
Recommended Duration of Stay: 3 days
Recommended Pocket Money: $100.00/day
Tourist Passes: Cancun Discount Card
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Cancun is located in the southeasterly Yucatan Peninsula in the country of Mexico. Known for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, premier leisure infrastructures, a dazzling skyline, and tropical weather – it has earned a high regard in the international tourism industry, garnering an average of four million tourists per year and bagging the title “leader in tourism” in the World Travel Awards 2009. It is one of the key investment hotspots in Central America. The city has forlorn its cultural highlights, instead focusing on recreational tourism by way of water sports, equestrian activities, golfing ranges, and a suite of five-star hotels and restaurants ready to serve the giddy tourists. In a way, Cancun’s pragmatic and progressive governance seized countless possibilities in the past four decades. The city’s proximity to the Caribbean city has made it a hotspot for hurricanes Gilbert and Wilma, causing substantial damages on private structures and public property. Regardless, reparations are always on the way to ensure tourists the best experience possible.

We must say, without the array of towering beachfront hotels, Cancun would lose its luster. These hotels ideally have inclusive travel packages for water sports, including jet skiing, sailboarding, parasailing, wakeboarding, and surfing. Unlike most beaches, Cancun has some sort of magic going with population control. Its protracting white sand beaches are seldom packed to full capacity, meaning you’ll get good candid shots without being bothered by tanned bystanders. Some hotels own beach sands, meaning if the guests are few, you may have that portion of the beach to yourself. The lagoon opposite the peninsula is where most water sports are held.

Packing List

  • Beachwear, shades, hats, sunscreen, suntan, and snorkeling equipment; rentals will set you back dearly, so make room for whatever underwater gear and electronics you have
  • Loose, cottony clothing for the day and snappy evening attire; walking shoes are only recommended for those going out on anthropological explorations—flip-flops will do fine
  • Books or portable media devices to keep you company on the beach or hotel room (if you’re too bummed out to party)
  • Essential medication, toiletries and first aid kits; mosquito repellants and hangover medication could do wonders if you’re not used to party environments and binging
  • Ziploc bags and water-resistant gear for your swimsuits, swimming gear and toiletries; for added protection and confidence, do not bring valuables with you

Things to Do

  • Exploring the traces of Mayan civilization at the El Rey and El Meco ruins; the ruins are relatively large and don’t offer any shade at the vicinity, and they’re also a ravishing ground for iguanas
  • Spending some hours (or even a day) at Chichen Itza, recounting the structural accomplishments of the Mayas—Mexico’s prominent civilization; the Temple of Warriors complex hallmarks the site
  • Engaging in a multitude of beach activities, including horseback riding and mangrove canoeing at Tres Rios Ecopark; the 326-acre park is continually developing commercial and residential spots
  • Swimming and playing with the dolphins at Delphinus; the activity venue is a natural lagoon, where you can watch them do synchronized performances, ride them and even train them one-on-one
  • Practicing your stroke at the Rivera Cancun Golf, which offers 18 holes spread across 7060 yards and (beautiful) obstacles of nature, apart from the perfectly landscaped greens and fairways


  • Forget to prearrange a trip from the airport to your hotel, as there are have been many accounts of taxis overcharging their passengers; coordinate with your agency on good deals to avoid being ripped off
  • Entertain any strangers approaching you at the airport, just immediately proceed outside; Cancun is a relatively safe place, but be cautious with your belongings and don’t look naïve
  • Enter a bar alone, always tag a friend along with you to keep an eye on your drinks; never display pompous behavior, don’t pick a fight with anyone and always keep your sobriety intact
  • Commit any acts of debauchery or lasciviousness on the beach, nor adulterate natural resources by peeing and littering; locals will not think twice about collectively reporting you to the authorities
  • Commit any acts of debauchery or lasciviousness on the beach, nor adulterate natural resources by peeing and littering; locals will not think twice about collectively reporting you to the authorities