Turizm.com is more than just a travel blog...

Turizm.com focuses on more than just giving its readers a bird�s eye view of the world�s top travel destinations. Our content-packed destination pages consolidate information in a five-minute nutshell. This is what separates us from the long-winding blogs most people frequent. A typical 40-minute research on the internet takes only about five minutes to read with Turizm.com. We focus only on what�s essential to travelers, because we know that every second counts when you�re planning.

We list travel deals that you may find useful before you pack your bags. Cheap flights, cheap hotel accommodations and cheap car rental services (for you know, those arid regions) are here, so you don�t have to look anywhere else.

Turizm.com is insanely easy to navigate. Gone are the days of tiresome site searches plagued with advertisements. We follow the three-click rule we�ve always loved:

  1. Open the home page
  2. Search for a destination
  3. Click the destination link

� and bam, you�re there! See how easy that was. And, to make things even more interesting, we�re open to suggestions on updating our content with your own personal experiences. Soon enough, we�ll have a testimonial system that accumulates reviews from actual people that have been to that destination.

We also integrate social media into our website. Readers can share the information they�ve read to their friends and colleagues with a click of a button. Our pages are print-friendly as well. And since a lot of people love browsing on their Blackberries, Android devices and Apple gadgets, we�ve made the website �lighter� to prevent unwanted site crashes on mobile devices.